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Companion views.

One thing I believe is quite under-utilised is companions doing things we don't have direct control over. I understand games should make you feel powerful, but this power is so much more potent if at times you really don't have any.
For one I'd like to see this implemented when you utilise a lot of companions who have very disparate views. It's one of the things that often throws me out of the game when a character who's wholy out for greed, will just stand there while you perform a side quest for another character to gather some valuable family treasure.

If at all possible I'd like to see, not just conversational, but real consequences to mixing companions that would not otherwise work together.

Have them betray eachother, with another side quest required to resolve it, or perhaps no real resolution and having to choose a companion to keep.
On the flip-side, have compatible companions get extra side quests when questing with them combined.

Even with limited consequences (Maybe only if you really botch a quest and choose a side quite adamantly can you loose a companion) this would increase the feel that your companions are unique individuals and not just armed furniture.

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